Version 1.5 Updates

  • Settings removed in favor of Preferences drop-down
  • Add version stamp to Preferences footer
  • Added the ISS and STS data pads to the screen
  • Calculation of predictions done in separate thread (internal)
  • The orbit determination 'ticktock' is rounded to minutes (internal)
  • Draw more meridians and latitudes and make them dotted
  • Computational fix in SGP4UNIT to correct tiny time error (internal)
  • Added ability to catch "shake" events (not used yet).
  • Capture device type (to help future support) by sending a non-critical network 'ping'

Version 1.4 Updates

Support for iPhone 4.0 and iOS4
Change sphere model (vertex and normals) from being computed to a pre-computed array
Change when the solar illumination is applied so it doesn't have to be recomputed so often
More detailed coastlines ("Welcome!" to the Isle of Wight, South Georgia and other small islands!)
Shut down location manager when position is close enough
Some fiddling with twilight colors to enhance day and night
If viewing a 'prediction' pass when putting Satellites to sleep, reset the time to the current time on waking
Move slider to correct value at application start, regardless of previous setting
Add "settings" in tab bar
New splash screens
Make all preferences properties of appDelegate
Switched to TLE cache files

Version 1.3 Updates

Support for iPad.

Version 1.2 Updates

Stop 'pixel flickering' when ISS centered.
Inline some math functions.
New sphere surfacing algorithm.
Improve ISS and STS caching for Celestrak and NASA State Vector elements.
Add unzipping of Space-Track element files
Clean up element caching.
Migrate several views into one "GlobeView"
Add twilight bands
Restore HST track
Add twilight band (and "show" setting)
Add "Show HST" setting
Predictions view
Clean up the 'groundtrack' visualization
Correct tilt/axis rotations in 'sat' and 'geo' orientations
In geoCentered mode, don't draw footprint if ISS visible
Speed up sun updates if Earth is moving
in geoCentered mode, draw observer horizon if iSS visible
Add device rotation methods, but disabled (rotation half works)
Change 'visibility icons' to transparent
Extend lazy evaluation of position/velocity to 1.0 sec resolution (50% return)
Add lazy evaluation of footprint with 1.0 sec resolution (90% return)
Start predictions 90 minutes earlier
Change 'in view' iteration from 5 sec to 1 sec
Various optimizations.
add new 'visibility icons' and delete old ones