Feb 2010

Bugfix v1.2.2

A bug that's been with us from the beginning just revealed itself. Parsing the date in the HTTP "Last Modified" header of the orbital data we download is failing for some international locales, causing Satellites to crash immediately after starting.

A fix is being tested today and, if successful, will be submitted to Apple tomorrow.

Bugfix v1.2.1

Three bugs revealed themselves in version 1.2. Version 1.2.1, which fixes them, has just been submitted to Apple for review. The bugs were:
  • if the iPhone/iTouch was out of internet contact for a while, and couldn't update the orbital elements, it didn't display any orbits.
  • tracking of the location of the iPhone/iTouch has been improved.
  • Space Shuttle orbits were being displayed as soon as NASA published the orbit data, several days before the Shuttle was launched.
My apologies.