Satellites is an iPhone/iTouch/iPad program which shows the positions of the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle if it is flying and, optionally, the Hubble Space Telescope as they orbit our planet.

The data used is downloaded frequently from up-to-date NASA and NORAD derived sources so it is as current as it can be. The algorithms used for the orbit predictions are revisions of the NORAD three-line element SGP software republished in 2006 so the locations are accurate to a few miles.

This screenshot shows the track of the International Space Station (ISS). About 90 minutes of its path round the Earth is shown, and its location is centered in a 'footprint’ circle (not actually visible in this picture!) -- if you are standing inside that circle the object is above your horizon.

The current version of
Satellites is 1.51 (242):
  • Perspective view of the Earth.
  • The 'Settings' view has been enhanced.
  • On-screen information improved.
Satellites 1.51 requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.